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About Us

We are BIONUT ELIXIR incorporated as a BIONUT ELIXIR PRIVATE LIMITED Branding and Sales company into Sourcing, Outsourced manufacturing and Sales. We now work across international markets into diverse domains such as Manufacturing, Imports and Custom manufacturing. Our domain is Natural Nutraceutical & Agricultural products through contract manufacturing and of botanical extracts and phytochemicals used for nutraceutical formulations, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, food supplements, and cosmeceuticals.

Quality & Values

We first aim is to save our clients time and assure a peace of mind through Quality Assurance and in time deliverables by doing so we instil a sense of safety and security to our every commitment. The most important part of our business is about value creation at a multi-point approach starting from sourcing of Raw Materials, Process Technology Development for optimization of yields of the final product.

Our Approach

We at Bionut Elixir Pvt ltd, Sturdily believe that this is an ever-changing activity that is driven by information, knowledge, and commitment. We have only scratched the surface when it comes to changing the products and their costs through our research associates. We want to be known for showing our clients a Value Addition through by custom selecting the products that will fit you right requirement.

Our Values

At this point we strive refined ourselves every part to make it most useful than ever before. We categorize by identifying your infrastructure and capacities. A smarter way is to coordinate at all levels to assess the pros and cons. Our model is a unique approach by adding trusted information and data from our developed resources. It is what we believe makes a revolution to business in an organized way.


We offer you the highest quality of our Speciality Products the latest supplies of Herbals, Extracts, Vitamins, Essential oils, Nutraceuticals, and most unique Formulations, Nutraceutical, and Aromatic massage oils.

Unmatched Commitment to Quality

Bionut Elixir has an unmatched commitment to quality, to manufacture a range of products as a trusted resource for Clients for dependability and deliveries. We work with our partners to promote ensure our Clients have complete and up-to-date information about the extensive research behind our branded ingredients.

Ancient Technology

Our research is a blend of ancient knowledge sources added with scientific research to manufacturing techniques backed by latest technology. With the aid of modern science we intent to use technology to build niche products.


Our everyday effort to innovate high-quality, researched-backed ingredients that help manufacturers with an extensive Nutraceutical know-how to sustain in the ever-changing industry.

Quality Control

We have stringent quality controls systems to ensure the highest satisfaction to the customers. We have high-quality standards and checks performed at every stage of manufacturing.

Out Sourced Manufacturing 100% 100%
SALES 100% 100%
BRANDING 100% 100%
SOURCING 100% 100%


our raw materials are Researched Ingredients with aim to provide a comprehensive product offering with technology-based differentiation. Our company focuses on developing and producing high quality goods using superior technology and continuous innovations to provide maximum value to our products.

R&D strategy and partnership

We have infused our products with all the crucial nutrients. Constantly striving to deliver innovative products.

Value-Added Ingredients

Our work is underway to create new age products like Antioxidants, Probiotics, Nutraceuticals, and Phytonutrients.

Standards and Quality control

The products are manufactured in compliance with stringent global standards of plant operations, quality and safety. On an everyday basis

scientific expertise

We drive along with scientific expertise in all stages of product development cater to Nutraceutical Ingredients as per our customer needs.

From The Blog

We follow every invention, every product and every breakthrough around at Nutraceutical market. We follow and study Change in every aspect and products on a continuous basis. Inhere we strive to make a difference with professional expertise as the driver in implementing its progressive values.

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