Extract SourceDescriptionIngredientsUses
AmlaDried fruit of Emblica OfficinalisUpto 40% Tannins & upto 30% polyphenolsAnti-oxidant
ArjunaBark of Terminalia ArjunaBark of Terminalia ArjunaCarido tonic & Diurectic
AshwagandhaRoots of Withania Somniferra2.5% HPLC, 5% HPLC, 2.5%
(Alkaloids1%)Withanolides 1.5%, 2.5% and 5% by Gravimetry
Promotes vigor and vitality and increase endurance
BacopaLeaves of Bacopa Monneri HerbUp to 50% Bacosides by HPLCBrain/nerve rejuvenation, stress reduction.
BanabaLeaves of Laegerstomia Speciosa1% Corosolic acid and 18% Corosolic acid by HPLCWeight loss
BellericaFruits of Terminalia Bellerica25 % - 40% tanninsDigestive aid
Black pepper extractFruits of black pepper2% - 95% PiperineNutrient, bio-availability enhancer
BoswelliaGum exudates of Boswellia Serrata65% and 70% Boswellic Acids by non- aqueous titration, 5% Natural AKBA (HPLC)Relieves joint pain. Anti- inflammatory
Beta CaroteneDietary Supplement20% powder, 10% and 30% oil suspensionEye Health
Caralluma FimbriataWhole plant of caralluma fimbriata20% pregnane glycosides by HPLCSlimming (suppress hunger)
Centella Asiaticawhole plant of Centella Asiatica10-20% triterpenes / asiaticosidesMental Ability Leprostatic
Cinnamon cassiaBark of cinnamon5% - 20% polyphenolshelpful in diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, and to relieve flatulence
Cissus QuadrangularisStem of harjod5-20% keto-steroidsheal bones
Coleus ForskholiRoot of Coleus Forskholi10%, 20%, 30%, 70% and 95% forskolinSkin treatment, cardiovascular.
CapsaicinPlant Extract2 %, 2.5% and 5% BY HPLCMedical Condition and Response to Therapy.
ColchicineColchicum Autumnale L
(Dried Leaves, Stems)
99% USPAcute Gouty Arthritis, Phytochemicals
CurcuminTurmeric Root (Curcuma Longa)95% CurcuminoidsAntioxidant Cancer
FenugreekSeeds of Trigonella Foeniculum50% and 60% saponinsantidiabetic, cholesterol redn
Garcinia CambogiaDried fruit rind of Garcinia Cambogia50% Calcium Salt (Water Insoluble) HCA, Calcium Salt 60% (Water Insoluble) HCA, Potassium Salts HCA, Combined Ca/K Salts (water soluble) with 60% AND 70% HCAWeight management & anti- obesity
Garcinia MangostanaFruits of Garcinia mangostana10%, 20% and 40% Mangostin,Oleoresin10 - 20% Gingerols by HPLCweight management
GingerRhizomes of Zingiber Officinale5% Gingerols by HPLCRelieves motion sickness, nausea and common cold. Digestive
Green CoffeeSeeds of Coffea Arabica45% and 50% Chlorogenic AcidsAnti-oxidant, Anti diabetic & Anti Hyper tensive.
Green TeaLeaves of Camellia SinensisUpto 50% Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) by HPLC, Upto 95% total Polyphenols by UVAnti-oxidant & Thermogenic
GymnemaLeaves of Gymnema Sylvestre25% & 75% Gymnemic Acids by Gravimetry Upto 30%, Gymnemic Acids by HPLCManagement of blood sugar level and promotes healthy pancreas
Griffonia Extract5-HTP95% and 99%Standardized Herbal Extracts
LuteinPetals of Marigold flower10% - 20% by UV/HPLCPromotes Skin care, eye health
LycopeneTomato Extract98% HPLCAntioxidant
Licorice ExtractDried roots of Glychrriza Glabra5%,10% and 25% glucurrhizic acidCosmetic Ingredients
Mucuna PruriensSeeds of Mucuna Pruriens10%, 20% and 30% L-dopa by HPLCStimulant for central nervous system
Natural caffeineGreen coffee99% Caffeine IP/BP/USPAntioxidant
NoniFruits of Morinda CitrifoliaUpto 30% polysaccharides, 20-40% saponinsgeneral health tonic
Phyllanthus NiruriWhole plant of phyllanthus NiruriBitters-2- 10%Anti-hepatotoxic
Punica granatumFruit Rind of pomegranate45% ellagic acid, 20-60% polyphenolsAntioxidant
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